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AOR CR-8200 Tape Recorder Lead

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Artikelcode: AOR CR-8200

AOR CR-8200 Tape Recorder Lead

The AOR CR8200 is a carrier operated recording lead exclusively for the AR8200 
series scanners. When the CR8200 is used you may control the tape recorder by 
squelch action of the AR8200, thereby recording time can be extended. The lead 
is useful to record two way communication where the activity is unpredictable. 

You may also combine the SCAN and SEARCH function to record the signal. 
The CR8200 only operates with the tape recorder with a sub-mini remote record jack. 
The CR8200 uses Photo-MOS switching for rapid reaction time.

The operation of the CR8200 is simple. When the AR8200 picks up the signal and the 
squelch opens, the tape recorder will start to record the transmission regardless of 
the volume setting of the AR8200. When the signal stops and the squelch closes, 
the tape recorder will stop.
The unauthorized recording of certain radio transmissions may be illegal in 
some locations. Check with your local authorities. 

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